Perrotto’s 3 Thoughts: Could Pirates Be Deadline Buyers?

Three thoughts on the Pirates:

  1. Hold off on that trade

It has been suggested in various corners — including this one — that the Pirates would be wise to gauge interest in right-hander Gerrit Cole when the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

The Pirates would seemingly get a bundle in a trade for a 27-year-old pitcher who won 19 games two years ago — though he is suppressing his trade value with a recent stretch of rough outings — and cannot become a free agent until following the 2019 season.


Perrotto’s Three Thoughts on the Pirates

Three thoughts on the Pirates:

  1. Makes sense now

Last Aug. 1 was the most confusing day of Neal Huntington’s nearly 10-year tenure as the Pirates’ general manager.

On one hand, on the day of the non-waiver trade deadline, the Pirates dealt left-hander Francisco Liriano along with two prospects — catcher Ryan McGuire and outfielder Victor Ramirez — to the Toronto Blue Jays for right-hander Drew Hutchison.


John Perrotto’s Sunday Three Thoughts

Three Thoughts On The Pirates:

  1. Bastardo has got to go

If I hit the Lotto, my first act of charity would to be give whatever is left of Antonio Bastardo’s $6.25-million salary to the Pirates with instructions to release him.

OK, it might not seem like a very charitable move to give money to billionaire owner Bob Nutting, who doesn’t spend enough of what he already has. However, it would do all Pirates’ fans — as well as the media who cover the team — a tremendous service.