Huntington Reacts to Cole/McCutchen Trade Talk

Are the Pirates looking to trade their two biggest name players on the team?

The answer to that is no one aside from Neal Huntington and certain members of the front office really know if Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole can be had in a trade.  Fans and media can speculate but that’s all it really is.

With the MLB Trade Deadline a few weeks away, expect to hear those two players mentioned in numerous trade rumors.

Peter Gammons is one of the most respected and knowledgeable baseball writers in the country. This morning he mentioned the Pirates in his notes column and it also included some interesting quotes from Huntington.

From Gammons column, here’s Huntington on the Cole trade talk:

“We haven’t had a real conversation about Gerrit, and I don’t see us doing so. We think we can be serious contenders next year, the way Taillon, Nova and Glasnow can develop, especially with Gerrit at the front, as well as three or four other good young pitchers. There’s no reason we can’t be better with Cole and McCutchen going into next year. Our goal is to maintain a level of competitiveness every year, and not to have to jump back and build all over again,” said Huntington.

Huntington also told Gammons it would send a bad message if those two are dealt.

“There is also our responsibility to the players in the clubhouse. We’ve had to battle through a lot this season in terms of injuries, suspensions and the Kang issue, we’ve asked our players to do a lot, and to go move Cole and McCutchen and throw up a white flag is a bad message to the players. It’s up to us to do what we can to find ways to get the right players and build a deep roster,” said Huntington.

Here’s the entire column from Gammons:

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