Takes From Pirates Opening Day Loss

Well at least the Pirates have 161 games left.

It sounds like a cliché but it’s true. Today’s opener had a some good and it also had some bad.

On the positive side, the Pirate pitchers kept the Boston Red Sox scoreless for 8 of 9 innings.

Gerrit Cole looked really good for the first four innings, allowing only 1 hit and the bullpen pitched three scoreless innings and kept the game close.


2017 Pirates Player Payroll

The Pirates  payroll and how much money owner Bob Nutting is a yearly debate amongst Pirate fans.

He’s cheap or he’s a billionaire and should spend more money are points Pirate fans bring up when discussing the Pirates owner

Like it or not, the Pirates payroll will remain in the $95 to a $110 million range. Here’s a look at how the Pirates are spending their money this year.


Will the Pirates Rotation be Good Enough?

If you ask Pirate fans the biggest thing that worries them about the 2017 team, most will say the rotation isn’t good or deep enough to truly compete.

Most believe Clint Hurdle has a couple of strong options at the top but the bottom of the rotation is lacking and there’s little depth.

Is that accurate? It might be but I believe the performance of Tyler Glasnow can change that narrative.