Steigerwald: No Easy Answers for What to Do With McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen made it easier for Neil Huntington to trade him and harder for Bob Nutting to pay him.

Back on May 23rd when McCutchen’s batting average had dropped to .200, Huntington the General Manager couldn’t have been getting very many good offers for him and Bob Nutting the owner had to be wondering why he was paying him $14 million a year.


Perrotto’s 3 Thoughts: Could Pirates Be Deadline Buyers?

Three thoughts on the Pirates:

  1. Hold off on that trade

It has been suggested in various corners — including this one — that the Pirates would be wise to gauge interest in right-hander Gerrit Cole when the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

The Pirates would seemingly get a bundle in a trade for a 27-year-old pitcher who won 19 games two years ago — though he is suppressing his trade value with a recent stretch of rough outings — and cannot become a free agent until following the 2019 season.