Will the Pirates Rotation be Good Enough?

If you ask Pirate fans the biggest thing that worries them about the 2017 team, most will say the rotation isn’t good or deep enough to truly compete.

Most believe Clint Hurdle has a couple of strong options at the top but the bottom of the rotation is lacking and there’s little depth.

Is that accurate? It might be but I believe the performance of Tyler Glasnow can change that narrative.

Can the rookie and top rated prospect in the Pirates organization live up to his vast potential and expectations that people have placed on him?

When talking about Glasnow, he has to make this year’s team before he’s able to do anything. He’s currently in a battle with Drew Hutchison, Trevor Williams and Steven Brault for the final spot in the rotation.

Unfortunately, if you’re pulling for Glasnow to make the team, he’s been too inconsistent to truly “earn” a spot and will force Pirates management to go with a gut decision.

Glasnow:  5 games, 14.1 innings, 5.65 ERA, 19 hits, 6 walks, 23 strikeouts

Williams:  5 games, 13.3 innings, 2.63 ERA, 12 hits, 2 walks, 12 strikeouts

Brault: 6 games, 15.2 innings, 3.45 ERA, 16 hits, 5 walks, 8 strikeouts

Hutchinson:  5 games, 17 innings, 7.45 ERA, 7 walks, 15 strikeouts

Based on performance this spring, Williams should be the fifth starter right? However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Williams will be the decision.

Will the Pirates go with what they’ve watched from Williams this spring? Will they go with Glasnow’s potential? Or will they go with the guy Huntington traded for and that’s due to make the most money this year?

If I’m in charge, if things are even, I always lean towards potential so I’d go with Glasnow and bank on he’s ready to become the top of the rotation guy that many believe is in his future.

IF that happens and Hurdle is able to go with a rotation of Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, Ivan Nova, Chad Kuhl and Glasnow, that’s a rotation that you can compete with.

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